Sacramento Pool Cleaning

With summer fast approaching, it is time to schedule your Sacramento pool cleaning. We specialize in both residential and commercial pool and spa cleaning. We offer three different levels of Sacramento pool cleaning for residential pools. 

A Chemical Only Service where we test your water chemistry, add any required chemicals and check and refill your chlorine dispenser. In addition, we make sure all gates and doors are locked before we leave and provide you with a list of every service we provided during our visit. Our chemical only Sacramento pool cleaning service will run you between $50 – $60 dollars.

Our next level of Sacramento pool cleaning services is the Chemical Plus Service. It offers all of the Sacramento pool cleaning amenities offered in the first package, plus we will also remove any leaves and other waste present in your pool. We will also sanitize both your pump baskets and skimmer along with guarantee your filtration system is working correctly. This Sacramento pool cleaning service costs $70 per month.

Our Full Pool Maintenance is our highest level of service for residential pools. Our Full Pool Maintenance includes all of the services provided with our Chemical Only Service and our Chemical Plus Service. In addition, we will provide you with a high quality professional pool cleaning using our own state of the art equipment. We will also backwash the filter if necessary. As always, we will provide you with checklist of all services that we provided and make sure we leave your home safe and secure. This high quality Sacramento pool cleaning service only costs between $90 to $100 a month.

In addition to providing you with a high quality Sacramento pool cleaning, we offer many additional services. We specialize in green pool cleaning, pool tile cleaning, pool vacuuming as well as salt-water pools. We also offer acid and chlorine washes to clean your pool. We can also repair any broken pool or spa equipment that you have. We provide high quality Sacramento pool cleaning to all cities within 50 miles of Sacramento, CA.



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